The Art of the Horse

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This private selling exhibition celebrated the year of the horse and reflected on it as inspiration for artists across ages and origins. The brushstrokes of Chinese calligraphy evoked through the identity and graphics, helped to convey Asian traditions while placing them in the global context of the art presented.

The Art of the Horse, an exhibition presented in Hong Kong and Shanghai to celebrate the year of the horse, showcased over 50 artworks by Chinese and international artists, showcasing masterpieces that ranged from Antiquities to Contemporary Art. Offering a fascinating insight into how cultures have engaged with this creature through artistic expression, the horse became a transcultural symbol which underpinned the goal of uniting East and West through myth, narrative, and tradition. The identity designed for this exhibition was inspired by Ma Jin’s classical Chinese painting, taking his gracious depictions of the horse as a root for the calligraphic brushstrokes that defined the exhibition symbol. Given the global nature of the campaign and the Chinese locations chosen for the exhibitions, the typographic elements were designed as a bilingual presentation where the script characters followed the formal approach of the symbol. A restrained color palette where black and red were predominant, was complemented by light blue tones that served as unifying backgrounds in photo shoots, print and architectural components. Astrology, an essential expression of Chinese culture, thus became a vehicle to explore artistic manifestations of our search for connection with the natural world.

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